How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password yourself by going to typing in your email and requesting a password reset.

For security reasons we have no way to know what password you use, so we cannot send you your current password by email and any website that does do this is not as secure as they should be!

We do allow you to choose your own email and allow you to choose how secure you want the password to be, so you can reset with the same password. The only restriction we enforce is that you password is at least 4 characters long!

We also recommend that you install and use for all your passwords so that you can keep your online accounts much more secure without having to remember them all, and with the added benefit that it makes it much easier and quicker to login to you DiaryBooker account

If you are unsure of which email you signed up with, then you can contact us and ask, details can be found at or if you have ever had an email from us, then that's the email you used!

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