How to set when texts are sent

There are actually 3 places that determine whether or not texts get sent out:
  1. In the Company admin window (click on the company name at the top of the page) - this determines what actions can create a text (e.g. text to an employee when a customer creates their own appointment)
  2. In the individual Service admin window. this determines which services are able to create a text message (e.g. you don't want texts about internal events e.g. holidays/lunches/bank holidays, training sessions etc)
  3. In the contact information window under "more options|other info" - this determines whether any individual customer or employee has chosen not to receive text messages, you can also set whether they want letters in the post, phone calls and emails or not. although at present none of these options can be generated automatically by DiaryBooker anyway
We recorded a little video to show you where these places are if this would be easier for you:

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