How to allow another employee to have their own login

  1. If you click on the company name at the top of the screen (when logged in as admin) then select "more options" and the "logins" tab then tick the box next to "employee logins" and uncheck the "employees only see their own contacts"
  2. Then edit the employee, go to their contact sheet, click "more options" and "employee details" and then choose a "username" and then "set password"
  3. Then go to the "Actions" tab and click "make this employee an admin"

where companyid is a numerical number that was send in your initial registration email and appears in the top bar of the window that appears when you click on the company name in the first step above.

I know this all seems complicated, I didnt realise quite how complicated it was until I had to write it all down - it clearly needs improving!!

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